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One vision

I approach photography like a craftsman. More than technique, it's the creative gesture that I seek. I strive to look at the world in a way that gives rise to propositions that escape pure representation.

If the image naturally has the power to give importance to its subject, I strive to capture an almost abstract dimension, a non-fixed character that invites an interpretation that is both broader and more intimate.

As Kandinsky said, my approach responds to this inner need to create. An innate call that I could describe as sensory fulgurations. My years of study in design at the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and in art history and archaeology at La Sorbonne, Paris, were catalysts for my artistic passion.

My experiences in communications agencies often exposed me to a form of creation that was too rigid, too formatted. As a result, my work as a photographer has become above all a free form of image creation. Like a painter with his canvas, I set aside photographic technique to use my camera like a paintbrush, leaving plenty of room for chance and spontaneity.

What counts for me is the way I look at things, the subjectivity that tirelessly seeks to preserve memory, to evoke and revive a universal aesthetic flirting with abstraction.

Each image I create is both a conceptual and profoundly human proposition. I wish to offer a benevolent perspective on human consciousness, aware of its own finitude but also of its eternal memory. For me, photography is a way of evoking and transmitting this timeless heritage, this vision that transcends time and space, and captures the very essence of our humanity.