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The depth of memories revealed by fleeting recollections.

This series features close-ups of a now-empty family home, offering an intimate vision that explores the vestiges left by memories. It powerfully evokes the relationship between physical space and the intangible memories attached to it.

The personal dimension added by the Maison du doyen Morel in the Bernese Jura is of crucial importance to this series. As the place where the photographer grew up, every nook and cranny of the house contains layers of intimate memories, moments that shaped his identity and contributed to his own story.

The house thus becomes the main character of this photographic series, depicting its own story through the eyes of the photographer. Each shot is an intimate exploration, revealing the layers of history, buried memories and emotions that have permeated every wall, every room of this house.

The photographs capture not only the visual essence of the house, but also its atmosphere, its special aura that evokes both nostalgia and comfort. They are a vibrant testimony to the moments that forged the photographer and continue to resonate within him, even when the house has become empty.

The house thus becomes a universal symbol of childhoods past, transcending the particular to touch the universal. It represents a place where individual memories merge into a collective experience, echoing the way our own memories connect to a shared heritage.

The reminiscences of heritage evoked by these photographs establish a link between past, present and perhaps even future, creating a timeless continuity. They offer a visual meditation, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in their own memories and emotions of places steeped in personal history.